What can be even more retro as enamel with white dots?

Our new line of enamel products with the same retro look as our grandparents used to have them. All the products are produced by hand in Europe. Each item has a unique look and not even two pieces look completely the same. We think that gives them a lovely and special look.


Isabelle Rose Polka dot enamel collection is made in two colours, red and pink. It contains mugs with lip, coffee pots, bowls and little mugs for tea or coffee.


Enamel items are known to be the healthiest cooking ware known as it was already used by our grandparents and many generations before them. Enamel does not change the taste and texture of the food and is very durable.


You can see the prices and items here: https://isabellerosehome.com/product-category/enamel-items/?orderby=date


Happy shopping!

Your Isabelle Rose Team ♡


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